Ian Oriol

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How to Hire Me:

Details about the Process, Example Services, and Payment Information

You Need Something

Wedding Invitations, Block Party Poster, CD Art, Real Estate Photos, Figure out what you're looking for to be made. See a list of example services at the bottom of this page.

Contact Me

You can email me requests at [email protected] or message me on Facebook! An Ideal request has your name, a quick summary of what you're trying to have made, a timeframe, and any ideas you have (like colors, styles, etc). The more of an idea you have for what you want the faster the process is! I usually respond within 24 Hours. 

I Start The Project!

After I respond with my ideas, estimates, and a timeline, I'll begin the process of making whatever you ordered. For Graphics this means building your poster or logo or invitation from the ground up. I can use photos that you supply or use from my own catalog if I need to. If you need photos taken I can also do that! During the development process I'll keep you updated and if a larger project, send you watermarked updates for you to see examples of your order. Feel free to check in if you feel I'm quiet or want an update! I'm a full-time student and can sometimes mismanage time, don't let me mismanage your order, save that for my Homework!

Project Completion

After I finish your order I'll send you a final watermarked version for your approval. After all final edits are done and the order is complete payment is the next step. I accept PayPal, Checks, Cash, and can accept Debit/Credit in person via a card-reader. For my own protection I do not release orders until I receive payment. I cannot risk having my work stolen. After payment I can deliver your order via email, digital download, USB Drive, or CD. I'll also include a copy of our agreement, which is basically a summary of the work I did and what I charged for it. This is for invoicing purposes and you're welcome to file or discard it. I keep copies of my invoices if you ever need one. I'll be thankful for your choosing me and excited to see you use your order for whatever you're up to! Feel free to tag me in photos!

Example Services

Logo Design

Poster/Invitation Design

Social Media Content

Photo Editing

Photo Capture

Business Cards


Payment Information

Payment Inform
Accepted Payment Forms:
ONLINE: PayPal via paypal.me/iogd (Accepts PayPal Balance, Major Credi/Debit Cards)
IN PERSON: Cash, Personal Check, Debit/Credit via PayPal Here Cardreader. 
 Order Delivery:
Order will be delivered ONLY after I have recieved payment to insure integrity of both parties and for the protection of my time and work.
 Invoice Details:
Digitally delivered items will contain a PDF invoice with details of the order and what any charges were, as well as timestamps and conact information. This is for record pusposes and can either be retained and filed or deleted. I keep copies of all invoices on file for business purposes.